In the process of repair very often decisions regarding the choice of finishing materials are subject to change at the very last moment. Here it is the same way – choose the perfect wallpaper, suitable for both color and texture, paste on the walls with knowledge of the case, then you stand admiring and realize that something is not right. Too boring and monotonous, or something, or lacking something, a little highlight or a contrast, so that it became quite harmonious. Do not rip off the now fresh wallpaper wallpaper? In this case, cardinally change the situation with minimal costs and damage will help the curbs for wallpaper. Today we will talk about advice on the selection and gluing of curbs.

The border ribbon, or frieze, or edging, or edging – these are the names of the same universal finishing material, with which you can very quickly and economically supplement the interior and give it expressiveness and a characteristic hue. Those who claim that this is the last century, and the curbs have already gone out of fashion, since the interiors with their use are very similar to the situation of the times of the USSR, simply do not know how to use them correctly. Especially considering that the modern look of the frieze differs high aesthetic qualities and impresses with its variety.

This decorative element is a strip in width from a few centimeters to a whole meter and is sold by rolls, from 5 to 10 meters in length. Choosing a curb tape should not bring many problems. In most stores with decoration materials, a large number of ready-made wallpaper collections are offered that already contain one or more versions of the frieze. If you first glued wallpaper, and then realized that you need to complement the interior for completeness, then you need to pay special attention to the material of the edging. The most common ones are:

  • Paper – the most delicate and delicate appearance, which is glued and removed very simply. However, because of its delicate texture with a sloppy process of pasting, they can tear or soak. They do not differ particularly long life and quickly burn out under the influence of ultraviolet. But this is the most budgetary option.
  • Vinyl – differ from the previous high level of strength to mechanical influences, have a more dense structure, are not subject to burnout, and therefore have a decent service life. From their surface, various contaminants can easily be removed with conventional detergents that do not damage the surface, unless, of course, they are rubbed with the hard side of the sponge. Due to this practicality they are often used in such environment-specific premises as a kitchen or bathroom.
  • Acrylic – also proved to be very practical decor, resistant to external factors. The cost of acrylic curbs is somewhat cheaper than vinyl, with almost equal performance.
  • Textile – this interesting type of frieze consists of two layers. The first layer is the base, made of paper. It is applied to the fabric layer, which performs a decorative function. Often used for such purposes velor. The disadvantages of this chic element is poor resistance to moisture and mechanical stress. In case of careless handling or placing such a curb near furniture, for example, a sofa or armchairs where constant contact with pets or hairpins in the hair can occur, it can scratch, get unstuck or lose its gloss. In addition, it will quickly settle dust, especially if the tape has not a small width. From this idea, it is worthwhile to refrain from allergies. Care for textile frieze is complicated due to the lack of the ability to remove dust or dirt simply by using a damp cloth.
  • Made of fiberglass – the most practical of the options, which is resistant to both mechanical and other types of influences. Such a frieze for many years will have an attractive appearance. Its stability allows using this decor in any room. In this regard, it has the greatest cost.

To curbs did not create a clear contrast, it is necessary to select a material identical to the material of the main wallpaper. For example, acrylic wallpaper with silk-screen printing, decorated with paper curbs, will instantly lose their chic and rich appearance and instead become ridiculous and vulgar. The same happens in reverse situations. The borders are designed to hide the joints of two types of wallpaper, to eliminate the consequences of inaccurate pasting or to smooth out the transitions between two or more colors, to perform the zoning function. At the same time they must remain an ornament of the interior. As for the choice of pattern and color, the curb tape can be:


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