It would seem, which roller blinds can be talked about when it comes to the usual toilet, i.e. room without windows. We are all used to seeing roller blinds on the windows and doors of apartments, private houses, shops and institutions, where they have a protective function. In the toilet they are necessary to hide a lot of unsightly communications. Plumbing shutters appeared relatively recently and today have become one of the best ways to disguise pipes, valves, meters, filters and water heaters, making the bathroom interior more harmonious and attractive. It remains only to choose the right roller shutters in the toilet, determine the design, material performance, features of installation and design.


Looking ahead, we note that roller blinds are the ideal way to disguise all communications behind the toilet. Someone may argue that it’s easier to hide everything under a box of plasterboard or lining, it’s aesthetically and inexpensively. Do not forget that you can not hide communications securely – they should be accessed, that’s why there is a small hatch in such boxes, but it often does not save, since its dimensions do not allow to get normal access to all sections of pipes. Happens that, it is necessary to break all the planking, and this is dirt, dust and long restoration work. In addition, if the hatch door is swinging, then it is necessary to provide a sufficient amount of space to open it, and if the bathroom is small, problems can arise with this.

All such drawbacks are deprived of sanitary roller shutters, and the rapidly growing popularity of these structures is explained by their numerous advantages:

  • the first and most important – roller shutters perfectly hide all communications;
  • Rolettes can have almost any size, so you can hide both miniature and large enough niches;
  • in which case, access to pipes, valves, meters will be provided instantly – it is enough only to raise the curtain roller shutter up;
  • Roller shutters provide full access to all pipe sections located in the toilet. When you open the canvas folds into a box, located at the very top of the structure, without interfering with inspection and repair work;
  • the design takes up a minimum of space. The largest element is a box, but in most cases it can be deployed in the direction of the pipes;
  • quick installation and minimum of dirty work;
    ease of maintenance of the structure, shutters are not afraid of moisture, they will not rot, and to keep them clean, simple washing is enough;
  • ease of management;
  • durability and safety of appearance. The shutters are made of durable and safe materials with the use of powder coating;
  • Roller shutters not only do not spoil the interior, but they can also decorate it. The design can be monophonic, on it with the help of photographic prints apply any patterns and landscapes. Even more! The canvas can exactly follow the pattern of the tile, and then no one but yourself will guess where the pipe system in the bathroom has gone;
  • An additional advantage is the ability to organize a storage system behind the roller shutters, if, of course, the nature of the location of communications allows this. The most unsightly, but very necessary items can be hidden away from the eyes, and if they are needed, then you can get them in a matter of seconds;
    roller shutters will increase the noise insulation of the toilet room and minimize the sound of running water through the sewer pipes. Manufacturers of such structures also talk about additional insulation.Virtually no plumbing rolls. The main thing is the cost. They will cost you more than the usual fabric curtain (a popular budget method to hide pipes), but in terms of functionality and aesthetics, these options are difficult to compare. A box of plasterboard, by the way, will not be much cheaper, and if you consider that after some visits to the plumbing may need its repair, then roller shutters can be considered the most profitable and convenient option.

Among the minuses is often called electrostatic and the ability to attract dust. In our opinion, this property is greatly exaggerated, and it is not necessary to attach special importance to it. Blinds after all, for example, also need regular maintenance – the main thing is that cleaning roller blinds is easy, and regular cleaning will not make you regret the choice made.

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